Future-proof your museum with a digital strategy that defines a holistic engagement strategy, the required technical infrastructure to support it, and equips your staff and organisation with the knowledge, capacity and capability to deliver. A comprehensive strategic plan is the only way to meet the demands of emerging audiences.
We have a robust 5-step process to help create a formalised Digital Strategy for your organisation:
1. VISION & GOALS – the vision and goals for how “digital” can improve or enhance the work of your organisation and a framework for aligning projects and initiatives for your leadership and board.

2. DISCOVERY & CAPACITY BUILDING – an audit and review of information processes, systems and resources and an improvement plan to create institutional capacity to support the digital strategy process.

3. ENGAGEMENT – a review, analysis and plan of how to use “digital” to engage with internal and external audiences.

4. INFRASTRUCTURE – an audit of the current technical architecture and information systems, and development of a target architecture with a plan to achieve it.

5. TRANSITION – train and empower museum staff and leadership to take control and effect change with a developed digital strategy as a guide.
Capacity Building & Financial Sustainability
Digital Strategy


Content and Engagement Strategy
Lead strategist Nik Honeysett is CEO of BPOC, a non-profit consultancy that provides technology support, development and strategy for museums and cultural heritage organisations.